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In Income/Entrepreneurship
Paid Travel

By Jacqueline Boss

Top 3 Ways to Get Paid While Traveling with No Experience

On 25, Feb 2011 | 10 Comments | In Income/Entrepreneurship, Paid Travel | By Jacqueline Boss

My last post was similar- I listed the top 6 resources for cheap or free travel. Now I’ll get more specific and go over my top 3 picks of ways to get paid while traveling, with little or no prior experience. These jobs are surprisingly easy to secure and almost anyone can do it.

Your future?


This is one of many sites that will allow you to search for international families looking for an aupair (live-in babysitter) for periods of a few months to over a year. Since I grew up having a Norwegian aupair each year, I know what a great opportunity it can be for young people. You can improve your language skills, immerse yourself in a new culture, be provided with housing, and get paid to do it. On top of all of that, you can form a strong bond with a family, so much so that they consider you a part of their family and, as the case with our Norwegian aupairs, you may stay in touch with your family for the rest of your life, and take turns visiting each other in your native countries.

2-Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

This generally requires certification, but for what it is, it is easy, and can be done online. I got my TEFL and “younger learner” certifications online via this site; they were 100 and 50 hour classes but probably took me 60 and 25 hours to complete. The course consists of a lot of grammar and lesson planning work, but after you complete it, a world of teaching opportunities opens up. You wouldn’t guess, but teaching English is one of the most universally sought after skills in the world. As in any field, the more experience and training you have, the more you can make, but even inexperienced people seem to have no trouble getting job.

After being certified, I volunteered to teach English for a week in Thailand with my roommate (who was not certified). There we met English teachers from other English-speaking countries who were living in the town and making big bucks (by Thai standards, but not by American.) So while they were not able to save up money for the future, they were living like kings in Thailand, with good food, and at the nicest place in town.

3-Yacht Crewing

I read a lot about this, and I’d love to try it one day (while accomplishing number 6 on my life list: live on a boat). A lot of people consider jobs on cruise ships, but less consider jobs on private multi million-dollar yachts. But there is a pretty large demand out there for people who can help out on yachts that are traveling to exotic places. It was tough for me to find jobs that didn’t require at least some experience, but I finally found a site that is like the craigslist of yacht jobs, and a lot of the employers aren’t asking for much experience at all, if any.

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  1. Hey Jacqueline,

    I actually found your site awhile back and obviously, as my site also shows, love the concept. Good starting list of jobs. I might try the crew yachting.

    If you are interested in long-term travel I have found you need a job that you can do in a lot of different locations, so most people might advise teaching english, travel blogging or some other kind of job that makes money online.

    I have been selling timeshares for the past few months, and you can also do that long term and actually make money at it. Timeshares are in 100 different countries and it is fairly seasonal, so you could do 4 months in one beautiful spot in high season then go to another for their high season when the season ends. Here is my latest blog post on how to get a timeshare sales job if you are so inclined. good luck.


    • Jacqueline Boss

      Thanks turner. I’ll look into that and check out your blog. What I’d actually like to get into once I save up a bit of money is rental homes, and I’d like to build them from scratch. Sort of a similar idea to time shares! I’m starting to make another blog about the process, but it’ll be a while before its ready to go. Good luck with your plans! :)

  2. Kyle watson

    I’m ready to work and c the world I do anything

  3. Chase Shane Bates

    I’m 18 with a high school diploma. I have two semesters of college. I’ve always moved around and I love it. I want to work and want a stable job. So please contact me at 740-506-3426 or my email thank you for your time

  4. Lisa

    I would love to be able to travel,for a job a few days a week then,come back,home is there anything out there

  5. Lisa

    Looking for a travel.job a few days a week

  6. Howard Couchman

    I am a former Royal Marine with 23 years service. Hold an exemplary service discharge record. Since leaving the forces I have worked for a maritime security company, and have STCW 95 shipping certificates, seaman’s book ect. I am single with no family ties. Can travel at a moments notice. If there is anything work wise yacht crewing for example, please get in touch via my e-mail.

    Thank you.

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  8. Maricel

    I’m very interested to work. But I dont have experience, but I can do all the task. For those who are willing to hire me please call me or text me or email me : / +639303093230.

    Thank you so much!

  9. Chukwudi

    I’m a young energetic Nigerian graduate willing to do anything positive to survive. I’m avaliable for hiring.

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