10 Holiday Gifts For Travelers Under $50

I am not a huge fan of mandatory gift-giving because it can force you to buy things that nobody really needs, just to have something to give. I prefer gifts to be high quality and practical, without necessarily being expensive, and these are just that. Here are a few wonderful holiday gifts for travelers which will be received happily and put to good use.

1) Dual Time Zone Watch

There are many different styles for both men and women. These are great and practical; most avid travelers wont spend money on a watch for themselves but a nice one makes a great gift. They can set one time zone to home and the other to their destination of choice.

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2) Leather Journal

A leather journal is a beautiful gift for anyone, and travelers especially can put it to good use as a travel journal or scrapbook, or even a sketchbook. This journal has always been my favorite, but there are many to choose from.

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3) Travel Toiletry/ Jewelry Case

The toiletries and jewelry has to go somewhere; for most people that usually means a plastic grocery bag and some ziplocks. A luxurious leather case or silk jewelry roll would be a great gift.

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4) Ipod  Car Adapter

This is great to have; in a new place if you’re in a car it will wither be a rental or a friends, and there is usually no Ipod car adapter included. Its a small but super useful little adapter to have. Just plug it in and you can listen to your Ipod via your car radio. And its super cheap!


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5) Travel Tripod

This specific tripod is great because it is flexible, so you can wrap it around fences, chair legs, tree limbs, or whatever you need to get your shot. And it is small and compact.

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6) Pocket Knife

This is a gift that is always appreciated. Everybody wants a pocket knife, and they come in very handy on travel adventures. You can opt for a more sturdy blade or you can go for the cool factor of a swiss army knife.

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7) Luggage Tags

Always a useful travel accessory, they can be very beautiful.

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8) Travel Spice Kit

Definitely for a more niche type of traveler, but for those who do love to cook and miss it while traveling or are super picky about food, a few spices can go a very long way toward making questionable food taste better.

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9) Travel/ Push Pin Map

A cool way for travelers to mark off where they’ve been. There are traditional push-pin maps as well as cool new twists, like this scratch-off map.

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10) How To Become The Jack Of All Travel: A Beginners Guide To Traveling The World For Free

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