3 Skills of a Photo Ninja

There comes a time for every traveler when he sees something so ridiculous, so unique, and so double-takifying that he has to get a picture. But what if the thing you want to take a picture of is a person? You cant just walk up to them and say Hey, you’re ridiculous. Can I get a picture with you? It is time for you to develop some photo ninja skills. Here are 3 photo ninja skills for your arsenal.

1) The Decoy

If you are traveling with friends, ask one of them to stand near the person you want a picture of and pose, then pretend you are taking a picture of your friend, but aim the camera so that your subject is in the shot. WHAM! Subject captured.

The woman above looked like an alien. Literally. Its hard to tell from the side, but with the shape of her glasses and hair and her jewelry, from the front, she could have been another life form.

2) The Inversion

All alone and feeling conspicuous? Master the art of the upside-down and backwards shot. You can even learn to do this while you walk. Here is a great shot my bf took on his cell phone of a Waldo (we are on a perpetual hunt for people who look like the Wheres Waldo character, you can see the shots at thehuntforwaldo.wordpress.com, and email your own), while holding the phone upside down and walking away from the subject.

3) The Admirer

If nothing else works, pay the person a compliment and ask for a picture. If I recall, I think my friend loved this guys shirt. But seriously, he is the shiniest, sparkliest guido we have ever seen, and at an ice skating rink in Miami dancing badly with his guido friends, nonetheless. That shirt is 100% glitter.