Blog Statistics, July-October 2012: $400.08

Since I wrote my last statistics and income update in June, traffic to my site has increased dramatically and so has income. From week to week I’ve been excited by the upward slope of the traffic graph, although I keep expecting it to level off. It still hasn’t: since I posted the 100 Most Beautiful Places in the World, traffic has yet to stop increasing. Before the post traffic was steady at around 8,000 or 9,000 visits per month, now it is nearing and preparing to pass the 45,000 per month mark!

I’ve also since discovered an important (and stupidly overlooked) source of income. I didn’t realize that my eBook had been selling any copies on Amazon Kindle, partly because I couldn’t remember my Kindle login information, and partly because I never received any emails from amazon telling me that copies were sold, as I would have expected to. I finally was able to log in and check, and found out that I had sold more copies on amazon than through eJunkie, which was a huge and exciting surprise.

I wont retroactively add the income to past posts, I’ll just quickly estimate here for the sake of completeness that I had made a total of about $200 in profit from amazon. Not all that much, but it made me realize the possibility that amazon held. Since then I’ve been working on sending out copies of my book to get more amazon reviews. Ill go more into selling eBooks on amazon Kindle when I’ve become a bit better at it, but there seem to be a few critical numbers of reviews that cause sales to spike. I would say that one of these is the jump to five positive reviews; I noticed my book started selling much better after it had 5 reviews on amazon. I am expecting another spike at around 11 reviews, but this is just a hunch and I will update when I have more information.

I also lowered the price of the book on amazon, which has had two effects: more people buy the book, and because the book now falls within a different price bracket, I now keep 70% of the sale price of the book as profit instead of just 35%.

Here are the details of the past few months:


Average visits per month: 26,303

Visits in the month of October: 44,565


Total Profit: $400.08

Profit from Amazon Affiliates: $7.00

Profit from Google Adsense: $79.03

Profit from eJunkie sales: $123.84

Profit from Amazon Kindle sales: $190.21


So that is that. I am very optimistic about the upcoming months: the numbers represented here are an average of the past 4 months, and October is naturally the biggest contributor to those numbers. Going up!

For those of you who dont yet know, my next adventure (when I get back from Africa) will be in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where I will be working as a ski instructor for kids ages 7-12, levels 1-4. Lots of updates to come!

Happy Halloween!