Blog Statistics, November 2012: $217.32

I am happy to report that traffic and income are still steadily rising. Now that my income reports are becoming slightly more interesting, I’m going to switch back to monthly reports. My goal is to be earning $400 per month by April, when I am finished with my Colorado adventure. Cheer me on! (When I set that goal a month or so ago, I thought it would be challenging to reach; it looks like I might actually have to push it to $500 if I want a challenge.)

And yes, for those of you checking back, my traffic did increase by about 10,000 visitors per month since last month. BOOYA. There are many ways that I can choose to increase my profit, but one thing that I always kind of forget about is that as the number of visitors to my site increases, the profit I make from google adsense goes up proportionately. I don’t know what my conversion rate is of people who see my ebook page to people who buy it on amazon (as opposed to the people who find the book directly through amazon) but I imagine that number also goes up proportionately to the number of visitors that come to my site. So at this point, even if I do nothing for a few months, I should steadily be making $250 a month in no time.

Visits in the month of November: 54,079

Total Profit: $217.32

Profit from Amazon Affiliates: $2.27

Profit from Google Adsense: $46.98

Profit from eJunkie sales: $48.94

Profit from Amazon Kindle sales: $119.13

Profit from Barnes & Noble Nook sales: $0

Ive got plans in the works to bring these numbers up dramatically in the next few months. It will be a challenge to accomplish them all- but the income and stats I post are almost completely passive, meaning I literally dont have to do anything- I dont even have to look at my blog- and I will still get income for the month. So once I put in the work, I will reap the rewards forever, and to me that is very worth the effort now.

So here are my plans and some of the things you might have to look forward to, in addition to regular posts:

I am going to create a beautiful free eBook using the photographs and stories from my trip to Africa. I’ve got the book completed, but formatting it for the Kindle is very difficult. It will take some time. I am also working on doing a 100 most beautiful hotels post in the same format of my 100 Most Beautiful Places In The World post, but that will also be a slow process. It is hard to find ten places to put on the list, let alone 100. I’m picky.

Things that might be less exciting to you but more exciting to me because they will earn me more money are these:
I will be working on getting more reviews for my eBook on and the barnes and noble website, where I just listed my book for sale. Sales increase dramatically with a solid number of reviews. I am setting up a Clickbank affiliate program for my eBook so that other bloggers can sell the book in exchange for a cut of the profit. And finally, I am going to test-sell some products on this site. That is how I originally decided to create my first eBook; I saw that a particular travel book I had listed on this blog was selling well. It was not my book; I only referred people to it, so I received only a few cents per sale. So I decided to write my own eBook of the same topic and get 100% of the sale instead. (Or 70% when purchased on a Kindle). I hope that in time I can find another product that sells well and make my own improved version to sell.

Other than that, check back to see how I am doing in Colorado. Ive completed my training week for my job as a ski instructor this season, and Ill be writing about that within the next few days. What Ill be doing after the season is over, I have no idea. But I am excited that I will have the income from my blog to take with me wherever I go; that will make life a lot easier.