Easy Gourmet Midnight Snack: Brie and Dried Cranberries

I almost always have a midnight snack because I stay up far past dinner. It usually includes tea and something extremely easy to make. My recommendation for something that tastes gourmet but takes under a minute to make is warm brie cheese and dried cranberries with crackers. So stock up the next time you go food shopping.

Put some brie in a small bowl, cutting away the rind (unless you like eating it, but I don’t), and melt it for a few seconds (try 10-15) in the microwave. If you over-do it like I did and it turns to liquid, don’t worry, it will solidify naturally in a minute. Throw in a handful of dried cranberries, and bring the bowl to your bed with your favorite crackers (Carrs?) to dip in. Delicious, easy, and even unique enough to impress somebody who’s never tasted it, if you plan to share.