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How To Become The Jack Of All Travel is your gateway into the world of free travel, seasonal travel jobs, work-exchanges, and voluntourism at home and abroad, perfect for those seeking to live their own real-life adventures like Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love.

“An excellent starting point for adventurers-to-be, this book gives you the inspiration, resources, and knowledge you need to travel long term for free to teach English in Thailand, volunteer in Hawaii, work as a ski instructor in the Rocky Mountains, help maintain a national park, intern in Europe, harvest fruit in Australia, and explore the world.” How To Become The Jack Of All Travel will provide the information you need to achieve your travel goals, beginning by defining the skill sets that will be most useful on your travel résumé and culminating in a grand round-up of the places you’ll have the most success when searching for free and paid travel experiences. Jacqueline Boss is an entrepreneur and avid free traveler. In this eBook, she shares the secrets she uses on her free (and paid) travel adventures so that you can afford to have amazing travel experiences of your own.

Format: Amazon Kindle, PDF file (from eJunkie) Pages: 95 Edition: 2 (2013 update) Price: $8.99 

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[easyazon_link identifier=”B00ES5XQYA” locale=”US” tag=”escapenormal-20″][/easyazon_link]Journey Through The Greatest Festivals On Earth

A stunning journey through the worlds most spectacular festivals, Bucket List Festivals is an adventure in itself. The one hundred carefully selected festivals represent all corners of the earth; they each bring something unique to the table, something magical, something to add to your bucket list.

This is your chance to experience a new world up-close and personal, to glimpse into exotic cultures and join in their celebrations, whether it be by releasing paper lanterns into the sky, viewing a dramatic battle reenactment on the lake, joining in a massive food fight, or dancing the night away under the stars. Vibrant pictures accompany the text, and under each festival is a link to a video that will help get you as close to the festival experience as possible without actually being there. This is armchair traveling at its most luxurious.

Format: Amazon Kindle, PDF file (from eJunkie) Pages: 95 Edition: 2 (2013 update) Price: $4.99 

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[easyazon_link identifier=”B00OEIOQ2M” locale=”US” tag=”escapenormal-20″][/easyazon_link]Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Exciting

Whether you are two hours or two continents apart, Long Distance Love is the book you and your partner need to help ride the highs and smooth out the lows of your relationship.  In it you’ll find practical advice and communication tools and technologies for long distance relationships in the 21st century, and you’ll read the personal stories of long-distance couples who have overcome the difficulties of dating far-away partners.

Long Distance Love also includes some great and extremely useful lists, including: 
60 Long Distance Activities (fun and unique ideas for those times when a regular Skype chat is not enough)
-11 Letter Tuck-in Ideas (affordable little trinkets you can mail) 
-10 Care Package Ideas (the best things to box) 
-10 Digital Care Package Ideas (because sometimes free gifts are the best gifts) 
-75 Conversation Topics Questions (to spark compelling conversations) 

Long distance relationships may be hard, but with the help of this book, they can at least be enjoyable!

Format: Amazon Kindle, PDF file (from eJunkie) Pages: 92 Price: $9.99  

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What others are saying about Jack of All Travel:

I loved it! Its an excellent resource for people who have always wanted to travel but didn’t know where to start.

It contains unique travel ideas that will help inspire you to make your travel dreams a reality and a great resource section to help you get started! I have begun checking into those websites. It got me excited to quit my job for real this time.

-Amy L, Canada

Finding ways to travel without suffering from the price is hard. It is interesting to know what kind of opportunities are out there. It is so easy to get caught up in your own job of 9 to 5 and not be able to put your travel plans in motion, but the ideas and thoughts from this book open doors to all kinds of opportunities all over the world. Ideas that I would have never thought of. In today’s job market employers want vast experience, however in today’s economy finding ways to fund it is tough. This book is a perfect read to help with both. -Noah T, Alabama

This book can be used as a great resource for those who are thinking about a change of pace

as well as a great knowledge base for those with a bit of travel savvy already. The sheer amount of resources listed in this book reflects the plethora of choice out there when it comes to traveling the world. Having volunteered abroad, interned abroad through CD’S, and studied abroad through my University, I was still surprised by some of the opportunities detailed in this book. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about alternative ways to see the world. Dedicate the time to exploring your own path of travel, and this book will surely serve you well along the way.

-William M, Pennsylvania

This is a fantastic guide to get started with traveling for free (or very cheap).

The author draws from her own experiences to provide ideas and advice. After reading this book, you will feel like you can travel the world too; its just a matter of figuring out where you want to go.

-Sarah T, Arizona

This book has gotten me looking into the idea of teaching English abroad.

As a soon-to-be graduate from college, I have been looking for ways to travel and not be broke in the process. It was very helpful getting information from someone with first hand experiences! I am looking forward to traveling after school thanks to this book. The writing is inspirational and definitely a great read for those interested in traveling and making money as they do so.

-Megan G, New York

The book you’ll want to get if you’re planning any kind of travel, but especially the budget kind. The author shares her own experiences, and gives you very handy tips on where and how to get started, complete with links. It’s well written and to the point. I’ve worked twice as an Au-Pair, I’ve “shamelessly” taken advantage of friends and family all over the world and I’ve done cultural exchanges. So I know for a fact it works! -Ingrid Hojem, Norway See what the author has to say about the book! Jacqueline Boss featured as blogger of the week on EJunkie.

Don’t let the time pass you by. See how easy it is to start traveling today!

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