Top 10 Most Famous Indonesia Landmarks You Must Visit

Made up of 17,000 islands, Indonesia is one of Southeast Asia’s little paradise that boasts abundant greenery, marvellous architectural infrastructure, and spectacular landmarks that will make your jaw drop!

Aside from the beautiful landscapes, Indonesia is also home to a hundred ethnic groups speaking various languages. The country is rich in culture, history, monuments, volcanoes, and geothermal phenomenon.

There’s so much about Indonesia that will satisfy your wanderlust. The stunning Indonesia landmarks are always picture-perfect! The golden sunshine makes Indonesia a paradise with a dreamy amber sky that will surely make your trip to Indonesia memorable!


You can’t just go to Indonesia without stopping over the country’s famous landmarks.  Take a selfie and show your friends the splendid and breath-taking views of the country.

Indonesia is known to be the largest island country at 735,000 square miles. It is also the 14th largest by land area and 7th in the combined sea and land area.

Komodo Island

If you’re a wildlife fan who wants to hang out with the largest lizards on earth, then Komodo Island should be on your bucket list. This Indonesian landmark is excellent for an island-hopping holiday, trekking, snorkelling, and swimming.

The Komodo National Park is home to over 5000 dragons. The beauty of Komodo Island blooms exquisitely because of the splendid flora and fauna.

The delicate savannah of Komodo Island is as beautiful as the emerald reef. The island is polished with abundant greenery and picturesque beaches. Komodo Island offers a whole lot of outdoor activities that will challenge your adrenaline.

Komodo Island also brags its pristine beaches that are perfect for snorkelling. The underwater world is as magnificent as the island; the striking marine life makes for a relaxed scuba diving… an activity water-and nature-lovers yearn for.

Ubud Monkey Forest

In the village of Padangtegal is the home of over 700 monkeys and more than 100 other species of trees. This 12.5-hectare forest is a sanctuary and natural habitat of Balinese long-tailed monkeys. There they can freely roam around.

Aside from the little, playful monkeys and a plethora of trees, you will also see three 14th century temples. If you

Ubud Monkey Forest allows you to breathe in its fresh air and enjoy the view of the trees that stand tall and proud.

The residents of the village where the Ubud Monkey Forest is situated view the forest as an important spiritual, educational, and conservation center of the village.

Krakatau Island

A stunning caldera, a volcanic feature formed by a volcano, sits prettily between the islands of Java and Sumatra in the province of Lumang in Indonesia.

The last eruption was in 1883, which spanned for 2 days. The explosion was so massive that it destroyed about 165 villages.

Despite this horrible history that mirrors the island, Krakatau is now considered one of the most visited Indonesian landmarks. Tourists from all over the globe visit Krakatau island for camping and hiking. It’s a typical day trip from Jakarta.

The beautiful marine park on the island is abundant in sea life and is actually known as one of the best spots for diving and snorkelling.

Prambanan Temple

Feast your eyes to the Prambanan Temple, which will bring you back to the 10th century. This Hindu temple comprises the remains of 244 temples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Prambanan Temple is Indonesia’s largest Hindu site and one of the many stunning sites of Southeast Asia.

The elaborate carvings and steep, meticulous spires are spectacular! The green field surrounding the temple and the blue horizon are perfect for selfies. The wide promenade makes for a relaxed afternoon walk.

Ampera Bridge

Connecting the two regions of Palembang, Seberang Ulu and Seberang Ilir, the vertical-lift Ampera Bridge is the city’s striking landmark.

The bridge was planned by Indonesia’s first president. The goal was to match London’s Tower Bridge.

Fun fact: Since its opening in 1965, Ampera Bridge’s color has been changed thrice only. It was originally grey. Then, it was changed to yellow in 1992. Ten years later, in 2002, the color was changed to red.

You really haven’t been in Palembang if you didn’t visit the iconic Ampera Bridge.  In the morning, the vibrant red bridge perfectly contrasts the blue, oceanic sky.

When the sun is down, and the stars are up, the bridge is lit with amber lights. The Musi river makes soothing water sounds, which gives you a satisfying sensation.

Equator Monument

Here’s a mind-blowing fact: did you know that Pontianak, the capital of the province of West Kalimantan, is the only city in the world that sits on the equator?

Now you know! The Equator Monument, built from ironwood pillar, stands tall as a reference. Twice a year, the monument goes shadowless as the sun reaches its zenith on the Vernal Equinox and Autumnal equinox. This bi-annual event is what tourists from different parts of the world visit in Indonesia — to witness the shadows of the monument and everything around it gone for 5 minutes.

Mount Bromo

Marvel your eyes at the majestic Mount Bromo. If you’re a bold adventurer who yearns for hiking and camping, then give Mount Bromo a visit. This beautifully sculptured volcano boasts a stunning view of the vast “Sea of Sand.”

Mount Bromo is an active volcano, but that doesn’t stop tourists and hikers to stop over this famous Indonesian landmark.

Climb the mountain early in the morning and witness and the awe-inspiring and oh-so-majestic sunrise. Allow the golden rays of the sun hit your face as your eyes wander through the sea of clouds and luscious greenery.

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot (meaning, Land in the Sea) is a unique temple sitting on top of the rock that is in or near the sea (depending on the tides). Take the chance to walk on the land bridge and enter the temple during low tides.

However, non-Hindu visitors aren’t allowed to enter the temple but can still enjoy the view of the temple. The striking setting of Tanah Lot Temple made it the most photographed site in Indonesia, especially at sunrise and sunset.

Get mesmerized as the strong ocean waves crash to the rocks. This dramatic setting, along with the vast dusk sky is a view you just can’t easily forget. The silhouette temple is even more beautified by the slowly disappearing sunlight.

Jam Gadang (Clock Tower)

If London has Big Ben, then Indonesia has Jam Gadang, a tall clock tower polished in daisy white paint. It is a major Indonesian landmark that vacationists visit for a mandatory selfie.

This famous landmark in the city of Bukittinggi in the province of West Sumatra was built in 1926 — during the Dutch colonial era. This iconic clock tower was damaged in 2006 by two earthquakes but was quickly refurbished by Indonesia Heritage Trust.

As a main tourist attraction, the clock tower is usually the object of local souvenirs. Surrounding the iconic tower are local foods and eateries where you can enjoy sumptuous authentic cuisine.

It’s absolutely a beautiful place for shopping, food hopping, and picture taking.

Tana Toraja Regency

In the middle of the lofty mountains and granite cliffs of the central highlands of Sulawesi Island is the home of the Torajans, Tana Toraja.

Tana Toraja is very well-known for its unique houses that have roofs resembling the prow of a boat. It is, in fact, the second most visited Indonesian landmark!

Another thing Tana Toraja is famous for is its elaborate burial ritual that Torajans still practice up to this date. Aside from that, this iconic spot is also renowned for its unique burial sites including a tree with niches in it where Torajans place the bodies of babies.

The Torajans’ burial system is one of the most complex in the world. Each village has its own cave grave. You can visit a few of them, but the most visited is Londa, which has two burial sites within one cave.

But this place is not just about funeral and burial practices, but it is actually a haven perfect for hiking and biking. You can also glide on the Sa’dan River.

Final Thoughts

Indonesia has so much to offer to adventurers and travellers. The country is blessed with stunning landscapes, scenery, and greeneries. It’s home to hundreds of people from various ethnic groups speaking different languages.

You’ll never get short of things to do and places to visit when you’re in Indonesia. So, pack your bags, get your camera, and explore the wonders of beautiful Indonesia!