The Best Italian Vacation Spots

Ahh, Italy… the country where many of the world’s greatest artists and architects were born. A center of gastronomy, Italy is not just about art and architecture but also into satisfying the palettes of the epicures. 

Italy makes for a perfect vacation. Whether you’re going to Italy for quick backpacking or spend an entire week to explore the hidden gems of the country, you’ll never get short of places to go, food to taste, and adventures to experience. 

We’ve listed down the best Italian vacation spots you can go to spend your holiday. 

1. Rome

Being the capital of Italy, Rome is glorious, dazzling, bustling, and magnificent. The city is drenched in history, Christianity, culture, and stunning architecture. 

So, what’s the deal with Rome? Here are the best places in Rome to visit. 


This massive amphitheater attracts thousands of vacationers. Colosseum was once the center of entertainment in Rome. It accommodated a crowd of 50,000 people thrilled to see gladiators spill gores, fighters battle with wild beasts, and convicts being executed. 

Now, the enormous Colosseum is a major tourist attraction.

St. Peter’s Basilica

The iconic Cathedral of St. Peter’s is an Italian landmark and a significant tourist attraction. This large church is the center of Catholicism. It’s a great spot to visit for backpackers and vacationers who love walking around the city of Rome.

Campo de’ Fiori

A vacation isn’t complete without visiting the marketplace of the city. Visit the bustling Campo de’ Fiori and purchase fresh veggies, meat, and spices. You can also buy new and fragrant flowers in this famous square. Surrounding the square are cafes and restaurants to fuel you up after long hours of shopping.

2. Venice

In the northeastern part of Italy is the city of Venice. Make your Italy vacation by visiting this lively, romantic, gorgeous, and historic city. It has so much to offer to satisfy your wanderlust. 

The best thing to do in Venice is to wander… yes, put down a map and explore the city. The central city of Venice is small enough that you can roam around it in several hours. Explore the canals, go to the market, hop on cafes and drink coffee or wine, and just enjoy the city. 

Here are the things you can do in Venice:

Visit Basilica Di San Marco

This famous Venice cathedral is like no other… the striking domes and over 8000 sq meters of bright mosaics are overwhelmingly impressive. The massive church has long been leaving tourists in awe since the 9th century. The building has gone through a major reconstruction after it was burnt down in 932. 

The imposing Basilica is not just a place of worship for the Catholic devotees but also a tourist spot in the city of Venice. Roam around and take photos of the intricately designed structure of the church.

Ride on a Gondola

A trip to Venice wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the Gondola ride. 

The Gondola ride is the best way to explore the city of Venice from its canals.

Bargain in Venice marketplaces

If you want to buy fresh and local foods in Venice, then a visit to the city’s energetic marketplaces will surely keep your heart pumping. 

Venice is known for its artichoke and asparagus. And oh, cheese and salumi are hard to match. 

Visit Mercato Biologico Solidale Aeres to buy high-quality food. The Rialto Market is the best place to purchase fresh seafood. You can buy cheese, sandwiches, and roasted chickens in Mestre Market.

3. Milan

Milan is the second-most populous city in Italy after Rome. Like the other parts of Italy, Milan is filled with impressive buildings, elaborately decorated complexes, and beautiful natural scenery. 

Here are the best things to do in Italian vacation spots:

Take a photo of the grandeur Milan Cathedral

The Milan Cathedral is majestic as ever. It is known as the third-largest Cathedral in the world. Featuring intricate Gothic structure, the Cathedral of Milan, the well-designed church attracts tourists and vacationers, most are devotees of the Catholic church. 

You can reach the rooftop terrace of the Cathedral and take as many photos as you can. There you will see the bustling cityscape of Milan, the spectacular horizon, and the serene skyline.

Go to a day trip to Lake Como

Lake Como is Italy’s third-largest lake. Meet the friendly locals of the town, take a relaxing boat ride, relax on one of the stunning beaches around Lake Como, and visit the historic villas. There is always something for vacationers to enjoy here in Lake Como.

Visit the famous La Scala Opera House

La Scala is one of the most famous buildings in Italy. It was founded in the late 18th century. The theater is the center of entertainment, featuring European performance arts. You can book a ticket to witness stunning acts in the Opera House or take photos of the striking building from the outside while taking a lazy afternoon city walk.

4. Naples

Another great Italian vacation spot is in Naples, the third-largest municipality in Italy after Rome and Milan. The city of Naples offers a lot of activities and scenery to make your vacation incredibly unforgettable.

Hike the legendary Mount Vesuvius

If hiking is your thing, then you’ll surely love the hiking trail to Mount Vesuvius. As you climb the grand active mountain, you will be stunned with the 360-degree view of the city.

Spend time at Pompeii

Pompeii was once a bustling Roman city, but the raging lava of Mount Vesuvius sculpted the town into ruins. Despite being ravaged, Pompeii still managed to maintain its fame. It is now a majorly visited tourist spot and is one of the most photographed sights in Italy.

Eat, eat, eat

Of course, eating out should always be part of your vacation. Whether you’re looking for cheap eats or fine dining, Naples always have something to serve you. Taste real pizza at Pizzeria Sorbillo, indulge fresh and delicious Neapolitan pasta at Tandem restaurant, and drink a cup of freshly brewed coffee at Gran Caffe Gambrinus.