Taking Epic Panoramic Photos

We’ve talked about how to make panoramic shots with Photoshop, now here are some cool ways you can put the skill to good use.

1) Varied level shots

To add some interest to a shot, try to frame it so that you get various different levels of land, rather than one long shot of a flat area or an area of equal height in the distance.

2) The bridge shot

When I first saw a shot like this online, I was amazed. I still haven’t been able to find another photo like it, so I decided to take one myself. You start by taking the panoramic shot facing forward, then turn your camera for each shot until finally it is completely upside down. It makes a really cool effect!

3) The clone shot

This is a great way to just have fun with your photos. Get your friends to pose in each photo you take and then put them together- you can use this method make some really funny pictures if you are creative.