The Two Best Landscape Photographers in the World

I can’t begin to describe the photos, so you’ll just have to look for yourselves. I went to a gallery with Liks photos blown up larger then life- they seemed to be glowing from the lights shining on them and the vibrance of the colors. When I find a piece of art that I like, I can stare at it for literally hours. And that is how good these were. Somehow Lik made these photographs look so beautiful that I would rather have owned the better-than-life pictures then actually go to some of the places where they were taken. Look out for Liks show From the Edge on the Weather Channel.

I am and have always had strong emotions associated with the ocean and boats, and one of my most frequent desktop background google searches is waves. Or maybe storm waves, or surf waves, or sailboat- but somehow it took me until just this year to find out about Clark Little. His wave photography is by far, hands down, the best in the world. Just look at it.