Exploring East Coast: Fun Things To Do In Singapore

Are you planning to explore the East Coast of Singapore but don’t know where to start? Look no further because we’ve got you covered. From adrenaline-pumping activities to Instagram-worthy cafes, we have listed everything the East Coast offers. Whether you want to go fishing at Bedok Jetty, try stand-up paddleboarding at Aloha Sea Sports Centre, or taste the famous Katong Laksa at 328 Katong Laksa, there is something for everyone. We have also included family-friendly options like Raintree Cove Swings and East Coast Park’s Marine Cove Playground.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready to explore the fun side of Singapore’s East Coast.

Things To Do In East Coast Singapore

Looking for a mix of outdoorsy and cultural activities in Singapore’s Eastern part? Head to one of our favourite spots on this side of Singapore- East Coast! Spend a glorious day out in nature at the iconic East Coast Park surrounded by coconut palms and barbecue pits. Explore further onto the lush park connectors that lead you to charming hidden gems like Pasir Ris Park’s Saltwater Fish Pond and Bedok Jetty for fishing enthusiasts. End your day with some delicious Katong Laksa at 328 Katong Laksa or indulge in seafood at East Coast Lagoon Food Village.

Bedok Jetty For Fishing Enthusiasts

For fishing enthusiasts, Bedok Jetty situated in the Eastern part of Singapore is a great spot to indulge in your hobby. Located at the Western end of Changi Point, it provides visitors with serene views of the sea and nearby islands and ample seating, lighting, and cleaning stations for convenience. However, one must ensure that they have a valid fishing license before heading out here.

Pasir Ris Park’s Saltwater Fish Pond

Nestled in the eastern part of Singapore, Pasir Ris Park’s Saltwater Fish Pond is one of the best things to do in East Coast Singapore for beginners and enthusiasts. Housing an array of species ranging from barramundi to seabass and tilapia, visitors can rent fishing equipment and purchase bait at the park’s ground-floor cafe. Families can enjoy fishing in the serene greenery or picnic on the nearby tables while catching some vitamin D. Don’t forget to check out other attractions like Marine Cove Playground or rent bikes for cycling along the boardwalks.

Discover Changi Point Coastal Walk

Enjoy a peaceful walk as you Discover Changi Point Coastal Walk’s scenic 2.2km trail with its lookout points, boardwalks, and lush greenery. Observe captivating fauna like monkeys and monitor lizards while enjoying stunning views of Singapore’s coastline. Take a break at Changi Village’s hawker centre for local delicacies or bask in the sun on its sandy beach.

Explore Pasir Ris Mangrove Board Walk

Pasir Ris Mangrove Boardwalk is a great spot for nature lovers in Singapore. It provides a unique opportunity to observe the mangrove ecosystem up close and spot various species of birds, crabs, and other wildlife. While walking on the boardwalk visitors can read educational signs providing information about flora and fauna in the area. This peaceful spot is located in eastern Singapore near Pasir Ris Park.

Try Gallop Stable At Pasir Ris Park

Looking for an exciting outdoor activity in Singapore’s eastern part? Head over to Gallop Stable at Pasir Ris Park and hop on a horse or pony ride. The stable is home to many different breeds of horses such as Fresians, Arabians, and ponies. Take a leisurely ride along the scenic trails while enjoying the natural beauty of Pasir Ris Park. If you’re feeling adventurous, sign up for an advanced lesson where you’ll learn how to groom and care for these majestic creatures. Perfect for families or solo travelers looking to try something new!

Aloha Sea Sports Centre For Stand-Up Paddle

At Aloha Sea Sports Centre in East Coast Singapore, you can indulge in stand-up paddleboarding and explore the stunning coastline while soaking up some Vitamin D. A beginner-friendly activity that’s perfect for groups of friends or family looking to try something new, Aloha Sea Sports provides rental equipment and lessons. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice eager to pick up a new hobby, this centre is the best place to enjoy water sports in Singapore. Don’t forget to catch a beautiful sunset walk along the beach too!

Singapore Wake Park For Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding enthusiasts in Singapore should head to Singapore Wake Park in East Coast Singapore. This park offers a thrilling experience with its cable systems with a mix of obstacles ideal for novices and pros. Riders can show their skills on ramps and combo bowls doing their gravity-defying tricks. Not only does this wake park offer rental equipment but they also provide experienced instructors who cater to all skill levels. After an exciting ride at the park visitors can relax and enjoy refreshments at the restaurant and bar.

Xtreme Skatepark @ East Coast For Skateboarding

In eastern Singapore, Xtreme SkatePark @ East Coast is an exciting destination for skateboarding enthusiasts and other extreme sports. With a mix of obstacles suitable for both novices and advanced riders alike, the park features a combo bowl, vertical bowl. It ramps up to 3-metres high, allowing visitors to perform gravity-defying tricks while enjoying vitamin D under coconut palms. Safety gear such as helmets and pads are provided free-of-charge. Whether you’re a seasoned skater or just starting with this exhilarating sport, Xtreme SkatePark @ East Coast is worth checking out.

Changi Airport Connector & Jurassic Mile Cycling

The Changi Airport Connector offers an impressive 3.5 km jogging and cycling experience connecting East Coast Park to the airport. Moreover, Jurassic Mile provides an exciting add-on to this route with its life-size dinosaur statues and prehistoric landscapes that make for great photo opportunities while pedaling the park.

Where To Have Instagram-Worthy Coffee

There are options for those searching for trendy coffee spots in Singapore’s eastern part where they can snap an Insta-worthy picture. Along East Coast Park’s service road are several quaint cafes with various themes such as emulating the old colonial style of the past or modern industrial chic styles on their ground floor that are worth a visit. Take your pick from Coastal Settlement’s rustic vibe complete with picnic tables amidst coconut palms; PS Cafe’s romantic views overlooking the sea; Dutch colony Coffee Co.’s unique blend of outdoor greenery and indoor seating; and Group Therapy Cafe’s combination of cafe-food with artfully crafted interiors. There is something for everyone here.

Yoga At East Coast Park With Yoga Inc.

With Yoga at East Coast Park with Yoga Inc., you can experience a revitalizing yoga session amidst nature’s tranquility. This activity welcomes novices and experts on the sandy shores of East Coast Park’s beach. Besides improving flexibility and relieving stress, this yoga experience provides an opportunity to connect with oneself on a deeper level while witnessing picturesque ocean views and feeling energized by its cool breeze.

East Coast Park’s Marine Cove Playground

Located in the eastern part of Singapore, Marine Cove Playground at East Coast Park is one of the best things to do in the area. This great spot offers a mix of obstacles for novices and enthusiasts alike. Featuring ramps and a combo bowl that allows gravity-defying tricks on skateboard and BMX bikes. Enjoy a coconut palm-lined barbecue under the sunshine or sunset walk with picnic tables and pits available nearby. Numerous cafes in the area also offer delicious food like Katong Laksa or coffee blends from Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

Raintree Cove Swings For Family Fun

Families can have a great time at Raintree Cove Swings in East Coast Singapore amidst the greenery and coconut palms. The swings near the beach offer scenic ocean views, providing a chance to soak up some vitamin D while indulging in outdoor fun. Children and adults of all ages will enjoy relaxing on these swings amidst nature or taking a leisurely walk along the adjacent walking trails.

Stand Up Paddling & Windsurfing

When visiting East Coast Singapore, don’t forget to check out the exciting water sports available like stand up paddling and windsurfing. You can easily rent equipment from local instructors to get started. With calm waters and gentle breezes creating ideal conditions for novice water sport enthusiasts, it’s an excellent place to try new things. For the more experienced riders looking for a challenge with more advanced conditions or obstacles such as combo bowls or cable systems! Plus, there are plenty of picnic tables and barbecue pits to relax after your day on the water.

Cycling At East Coast Park & Park Connectors

Explore East Coast Singapore on two wheels with over 15km of dedicated cycling paths that offer stunning sea views. Bike rental services make accessing various points along the park connectors route easy. Stop by any food and beverage outlets or take a break in one of many picnic spots. Besides cycling, visitors can enjoy activities like barbecuing or trying out water sports like kayaking or wakeboarding at Singapore Wake Park or Aloha Sea Sports Centre.

Taste Katong Laksa At 328 Katong Laksa

328 Katong Laksa is the best place to try the signature dish of East Coast – spicy and delicious Katong Laksa in Singapore. Made with coconut milk broth and a mix of ingredients like shrimp, fish cakes, and cockles, this dish will give you an experience worth remembering. Known as the best spot for local cuisine in East Coast, Singapore, do not miss out on visiting 328 Katong Laksa’s East Coast outlet while exploring the area.

East Coast Lagoon Food Village For Foodies

Located in eastern Singapore, the East Coast Lagoon Food Village is a hawker centre that should be on every foodie’s list. Feast on mouthwatering local delicacies like succulent seafood, juicy satay, and the iconic Katong Laksa while enjoying views of coconut palms swaying in the breeze. With picnic tables available, it’s also an ideal spot to gather with loved ones. Don’t miss this gem when exploring Changi or East Coast Singapore!

Learn Peranakan Culture At Peranakan Museum Singapore

Explore the culture and history of Peranakan people at the renowned Peranakan Museum in Singapore. The museum’s beautifully restored 19th-century building houses exhibits that showcase their unique lifestyle, clothing, and cuisine. Visitors can also participate in workshops on traditional crafts like beading and embroidery. Experience Peranakan culture firsthand by attending one of their many special events or festivals. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Peranakans while enjoying your trip to East Coast Singapore.

Chill At Pulau Ubin

Escape the hustle-bustle of Singapore by taking a ferry to Pulau Ubin – a small island with lush greenery, wildlife, and rustic charm. Enjoy activities like kayaking, cycling amidst coconut palms & barbecue pits or exploring its historical landmarks like German Girl Shrine & Chek Jawa Wetlands. Experience an early morning sunrise or unwind with a sunset walk. Make sure to visit this hidden gem for your dose of Vitamin D.