Things to Do in Minalungao National Park: A Comprehensive Guide

Minalungao National Park is a hidden paradise located in the province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines. It is a serene and stunning ecotourism destination that offers visitors a chance to escape the monotony of daily life and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. The park is situated at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, making it an ideal spot for hikers and nature enthusiasts.

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With an area of around 2,000 hectares, Minalungao National Park boasts crystal clear waters, towering limestone cliffs, and lush greenery. Visitors can enjoy various activities such as swimming, kayaking, and bamboo rafting in the park’s emerald-colored river. The park also has picnic areas, camping sites, and trekking trails for those who want to stay longer and explore the park’s natural wonders.

Getting There

Minalungao National Park is located in General Tinio, Nueva Ecija, about 3-4 hours away from Metro Manila. The park is situated in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range and is known for its clear waters, towering limestone formations, and lush greenery.

By Private Vehicle

One of the most convenient ways to get to Minalungao National Park is by private vehicle. Take the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) from Metro Manila and exit at Sta. Rita. Proceed right and go along the Candaba-San Miguel Road. Continue until you reach Bucana, Gapan. From there, follow the signs leading to General Tinio. The park is about 30 minutes away from the town proper.

By Public Transportation

Several bus companies operate daily trips from Metro Manila to Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija for those who prefer to commute. Take a jeepney or tricycle from Cabanatuan City to General Tinio and then hire a tricycle to take you to Minalungao National Park. The total travel time is approximately 4-5 hours.

Location Information

Minalungao National Park is located in the municipality of General Tinio, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. It is approximately 182 kilometers north of Metro Manila and 16 kilometers northeast of Cabanatuan City. The park covers an area of 2,018 hectares and is bounded by the Penaranda River to the east and the Sierra Madre Mountain Range to the west.

Adventurous Activities

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Minalungao National Park offers a wide range of adventurous activities for visitors to enjoy. From cave exploration to rock climbing, there is something for everyone who loves the thrill of adventure.

Cave Exploration

Minalungao National Park is home to several caves that are perfect for exploring. Visitors can take a guided caves tour and learn about their history and geology. The caves are also home to various unique flora and fauna, making them a must-see for nature lovers.

Cliff Diving

The park’s towering limestone cliffs offer an exciting opportunity for cliff diving enthusiasts. Visitors can jump from various heights into the clear waters of the Sumacbao River below. Safety precautions are in place, and visitors should always follow the guidelines set by the park.


Minalungao National Park has several trekking trails that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Visitors can choose from short, easy hikes to more challenging treks that take several hours to complete. The trails are well-maintained, and visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.


Ziplining is a must-try activity in Minalungao National Park for those who love a good adrenaline rush. Visitors can soar above the treetops and enjoy stunning views of the park. Safety gear is provided, and visitors can choose from various ziplining courses of varying lengths and difficulty levels.


Minalungao National Park is also home to the Sumacbao River, which offers a thrilling rafting experience. Visitors can choose between traditional bamboo rafts or modern rafts to navigate the river’s rapids. Rafting is a great way to enjoy the park’s natural beauty and get a workout at the same time.

Rock Climbing

The park’s limestone cliffs are also perfect for rock climbing enthusiasts. Visitors can climb with the help of experienced guides or take a course to learn the basics of rock climbing. The park offers various climbing routes of varying difficulty levels, making it a great destination for both beginners and experienced climbers.


Bouldering is a great option for those who prefer to climb without ropes. Minalungao National Park has several bouldering areas where visitors can test their skills and climb to new heights. The park also offers crash pads and other safety gear to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Relaxing Activities

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Minalungao National Park offers a variety of relaxing activities for visitors to enjoy. Here are some of the best things to do to unwind and relax in the park:


One of the main attractions of Minalungao National Park is the Peñaranda River, known for its green pristine water. Visitors can take a dip in the river’s cool waters or swim in one of the many natural pools in the park. The emerald green water is perfect for swimming and offers a refreshing break from the day’s heat.


Minalungao National Park is an ideal place for picnics. Visitors can bring their food and enjoy a relaxing lunch under the shade of the trees. The park has several picnic areas with tables and benches where visitors can sit and enjoy their meals. Cottages are also available for rent for those who want a more private place to have their picnic.


Minalungao National Park is a great place for sightseeing. Visitors can take a stroll along the river and enjoy the scenic views of the limestone formations. The park also has several viewpoints where visitors can get a panoramic view of the park. The park is also home to several species of birds and butterflies, making it a great place for bird watching and butterfly spotting.

Key Landmarks

Minalungao National Park is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. The park is home to several landmarks that offer visitors a chance to experience the park’s beauty up close. Here are some of the key landmarks in Minalungao National Park:

1000 Steps

One of the most popular landmarks in Minalungao National Park is the 1000 Steps. As the name suggests, this landmark consists of a staircase with 1000 steps that leads up to a viewpoint overlooking the park. The climb up the stairs can be challenging, but the view from the top is well worth the effort. Visitors can enjoy stunning views of the Peñaranda River and the surrounding mountains.

Hanging Bridge

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Another popular landmark in Minalungao National Park is the Hanging Bridge. This bridge connects one side of the park to the other and offers visitors a unique perspective of the park. The bridge is suspended over the Peñaranda River and provides breathtaking views of the water and the surrounding landscape.

Giant Cross

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The Giant Cross is a landmark in Minalungao National Park that is hard to miss. This large cross stands atop a hill and can be seen from various parts of the park. Visitors can climb up to the top of the hill to get a closer look at the cross and take in the panoramic views of the park. The Giant Cross is also a popular spot for taking photos.

Natural Wonders

Rock Formations

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Minalungao National Park is known for its unique rock formations that are a sight to behold. The limestone rock formation towering over the Penaranda River is a natural wonder that attracts tourists worldwide. The rock formations on both sides of the river are an awesome sight providing visitors with a breathtaking view. The steel hanging bridge provides a very good vantage point for pictures with the river and the rocks as background. The limestone formation results from millions of years of erosion and weathering. The natural rock formation is a testament to the power of nature and is a must-visit for anyone who loves nature.

Penaranda River

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The Penaranda River is the centerpiece of Minalungao National Park. The pristine and crystal-clear river makes it a perfect spot for swimming, kayaking, and other water activities. Visitors can rent bamboo rafts to explore the river and enjoy the stunning scenery. The river is surrounded by towering limestone walls that provide a natural shade, making it an ideal place to relax and unwind.

Flora and Fauna

Minalungao National Park is known for its stunning rock formations and pristine river and its rich flora and fauna. The park is home to various plant species, including limestones, sumacbao river, and other endemic species. Visitors can also spot various bird species, butterflies, and other insects. The park is ideal for nature lovers to explore and appreciate the natural beauty of the Philippines.

Facilities and Services


Minalungao National Park offers several accommodation options for visitors who want to stay overnight. Cottages are available for rent and can accommodate groups of varying sizes. For those who prefer camping, the park has designated camping areas. Visitors can also choose to stay at nearby resorts or hotels.

Food and Drink

Visitors can enjoy a variety of food and drink options within the park. There are several food stalls and restaurants that offer both local and international cuisine. Visitors can also bring their own food and picnic by the river.

Souvenir Shops

There are souvenir shops within the park that sell various items such as shirts, keychains, and other souvenirs. Visitors can purchase these items as a reminder of their trip to Minalungao National Park.

The park also offers other facilities such as parking, life vests, and visitor shower areas. Visitors are required to wear proper swimming attire when swimming in the river.

Fees and Charges

Minalungao National Park is a popular ecotourism destination in Nueva Ecija, Philippines. To enter the park, visitors are required to pay an entrance fee. The fees are reasonable and affordable, making it accessible to many tourists.

The entrance fee for adults is PHP 100, while children below 12 years old are charged PHP 50. For senior citizens and persons with disabilities (PWDs), they can avail of a 20% discount upon presentation of their valid ID.

Aside from the entrance fee, there are other fees and charges that visitors should be aware of. For instance, renting a bamboo raft costs PHP 500, accommodating up to 10 people. Visitors can also rent a life vest for PHP 50 and a cottage for PHP 300.

It is important to note that the park has limited facilities, so visitors are advised to bring their own food and drinks. No restaurants or stores are inside the park, so visitors should come prepared.

Safety and Guidelines

Minalungao National Park is a beautiful destination that offers a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy. However, it is important to remember some safety guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • Guide: It is recommended to hire a local guide who knows the area well and can help navigate the park’s trails and rivers. They can also provide valuable information about the park’s flora and fauna.
  • Safety: Visitors should wear appropriate footwear and clothing for hiking, swimming, and other outdoor activities. It is also important to stay hydrated and bring enough water for the trip. Visitors should also be aware of their surroundings and avoid risky behavior, such as climbing on slippery rocks or jumping from high cliffs.
  • Cleanliness: Visitors are expected to maintain the cleanliness of the park by properly disposing of their trash and avoiding littering. The park has designated trash bins throughout the area for this purpose.
  • Atmosphere: Visitors are encouraged to respect the park’s natural environment and avoid damaging the flora and fauna. Activities such as picking flowers, disturbing wildlife, and damaging trees are strictly prohibited.

Following these guidelines gives visitors a safe and enjoyable experience at Minalungao National Park.

Eco-Tourism and Conservation

Minalungao National Park is not only a beautiful destination, but it is also an important ecotourism site in the Philippines. It was established as a protected area in 1967, through Republic Act number 5100. The park offers a variety of activities that promote eco-tourism and conservation.

Visitors can enjoy hiking, camping, swimming, and exploring the park’s unique rock formations and pristine rivers. The park’s natural beauty is preserved through the efforts of the local government and the participation of the community.

The park also has programs that promote conservation and environmental awareness. One of these programs is the “Adopt-a-Tree” program, where visitors can plant a tree and contribute to the reforestation efforts of the park.

Furthermore, the park has strict rules and regulations to ensure that visitors do not harm the environment. Visitors are not allowed to bring plastic bags, bottles, or non-biodegradable materials. The park also implements waste segregation, composting, and recycling programs.

Minalungao National Park’s commitment to eco-tourism and conservation is evident in its efforts to promote sustainable tourism practices. Visitors can enjoy the park’s natural beauty while contributing to the preservation of the environment.