Top 4 Sites For Cheap Flights

Sure Couchsurfing and Craigslist Ridesharing are great ways to slowly move across the country, but most of the time you are just going to want to fly. Well get into tips and tricks to pay less and get free flights later, but here is the first lesson: Finding Cheap Flights Online 101

Spirit Airlines

This is an ultra-low cost airline with flights to the less-used airports. The cheapest flights are on the off-days in the off-season. I went to school in Miami and live in New York, but there were many times when I could get a flight home for $9. Booya.

This site searches all the major airlines and finds the cheapest deals, displaying them on one page. The best feature is the calendar which lets you search dates close to your desired departure dates to find the cheapest prices possible. I used this site just this week- the first round-trip flight I searched from New York to Orlando was $230, but with a few date changes the price dropped to $199.

Its the same kind of deal as you are given a selection of cheap flights from various airlines, and a calendar is available for you to find even cheaper flights if you can be a little flexible with dates.

There are ridiculous discounts listed here, so check before you book just in case. My friend found a flight from Miami to Hawaii for $246 each way.