Who Comes to My Blog Through Google?

One of the biggest sources of traffic for most websites is Google searches. When I started blogging, I got few to no visitors from Google, and now it has grown to be a huge source of new visitors for me. But much of it is luck. These are the posts that are bringing me the most traffic from Google, and the various reasons people end up at them.

List of Movies About People on Deserted Islands

I wrote this post because stranded-on-a-desert-island movies are always some of my favorites. I did an independent project in my 12th grade film class about these types of movies so I knew from firsthand experience that it was really difficult to track down all of the movie titles and learn enough about them to pick which ones I wanted to watch. I did a bunch of Google searches before I wrote this post, and found that it was still hard to find a list of island movies.

So I wrote the post. I made a list including all of the movies I had seen and some that I hadn’t, including other useful information for people coming in through google- including a synopsis, a link to the trailer, genre, and famous actors. It is the most comprehensive stranded on a desert island movie list on the internet, and Google has begun to recognize that more and more, and sends me traffic when people search for things like man and woman stranded on island movie.

Best of all is a result that I didn’t expect. Many of the people who come to this post through Google are extremely interested in the other topics I cover on my blog, so they stick around and read my other top posts. This means that I am getting quality traffic, and the Google visitors could turn into subscribers.

18 Resources for Cheap, Free, or Paid Travel

I did the most marketing for this post of any I’ve written, so its no surprise that its doing well in Google. But marketing alone isn’t enough, what really makes this a good post is that the information is excellent. Like the list of movies, its something I decided to put together myself because I had to scour 100’s of pages on the internet to find this information and I know other people have been doing the same. I wrote this post so that all of those people, instead of searching Google for hours, will end up on my page. And it has worked and the post is slowly rising in Google rankings, giving me more and more visitors for certain keywords.

The 50 Greatest Festivals in the World

I’ve also done a lot of marketing for this post and scattered the link across the internet. This was another post that came from the fact that I just couldn’t find all of the information I wanted in one place, so I put it there myself. I get some traffic to this post from general best festival searches, but most comes from people searching the individual names of festivals on the list. Some of the festivals on the list are fairly obscure, so my blog is one of the few that talks about them at all.

Because of this, I don’t usually get high quality traffic from this post- for example, if someone searches haad rin festival Thailand, they may end up at my blog because there is just not much information out there about this festival. But they are looking for that festival specifically, not a list of 50, and so are disappointed when all they find on my post is one picture and a sentence or two about the Full Moon Festival in Thailand. But of course there are the random few who will stay and read many of my other posts, so I am happy.

Build Yourself A Straw Bale Home Almost For Free

I wrote this post simply because I am interested in the topic. I wasn’t trying to rank highly in Google, but I still get plenty of Google searchers to this post. Its not because it has great information about how to build a straw bale home- there are plenty of places that would explain every aspect about straw bales homes a hundred times better than I could. What brings me traffic is the fact that I have listed these other resources.

All I had to do (after a lot of researching) was give a little background info about straw bale houses, and then list the best resources I had found for people who wanted to learn more. I included a link to a hands-on straw bale workshop, an interesting video, pictures, and highly-rated books that people could buy from amazon.

There is plenty of google traffic coming into my various quit-your-job, explore the world, get paid to travel type posts too. I wont go through every one because that would take forever, but I hope this gives you some kind of ideas about the type of posts you can write to try to harness Google and bring more visitors to your site. Don’t expect immediate results, but if you truly do have excellent information, Google will begin to reward you with more and more traffic over time. What posts are your biggest Google landing pages and why?