You Don’t Need to Take Huge Risks to be an Entrepreneur

Most people think entrepreneurs take a lot of risks, and therefore it is difficult and scary to start a business. Not exactly true. Of course it depends on the size of the business, but nobody without years of experience is going out and creating a huge multinational corporation that makes millions in its first year. But you don’t need to worry about having a vast business know-how in order to start your own business.


What the average entrepreneur is doing is taking careful risks. For example, lets say that Megan is a mother of two and bakes every Friday with her kids and their friends and friends parents . A perfect business for her to start would be at-home birthday party group baking lessons. She could put up fliers around town and tell all of her friends and family to see if anyone would like her services. She would get her first few clients, charge them for her time and supplies, and go help people have memorable birthdays by giving them and their guests a hands-on baking experience in their own homes. This is a careful risk, because while it would cut into her time, take a lot of effort to spread the word about her new business, and cost her some money to buy baking supplies, she would be doing something that she is already very good at- baking with people. And this is what many entrepreneurs do- they take what they know, and find a way to make a profit from it.

For someone on the outside, Megan’s business might seem like it would be difficult to accomplish. Of course if you don’t know how to bake and aren’t comfortable talking to people, you would never start that business. But from the inside, to Megan, she picked something she knew she had a high chance of succeeding in, and it would seem much simpler to turn this into a profitable business. From the outside, it is kind of like the grass-is-always-greener effect, and it seems like Megan must have some magical business knowledge that you are missing. She doesn’t.

If you have a useful skill, and I’m sure you do, it may be time to consider turning it into an income-generating business. It will make you much happier in the long run to work for yourself and be your own boss. Good luck!