Annual Blog Stats Overview Year 1 (2011-2012): $205

Today I am writing from the lobby of a Marriot in Huntsville, Alabama. I have been working as a counselor at space camp for about a month and a half now, and today is the warmest, nicest day since I arrived. It is the perfect day to get excited about writing my first annual update post. So here goes!

During the month of February, 2012, there was another huge jump in the total amount of visitors to my site; despite the 2 lost days because February is the shortest month, I had 6,700 unique visitors to my blog. My total income for the month was $28.53. The last few months have brought a major increase in unique visitors, and the number still seems to be on the rise. I’m already getting excited to see next months stats!

Daily Visitors from March 2011-February 2012

Annual Statistics

Locations of visitors


Total Income for the Year: ~$205

Google AdSense: ~$145

Amazon Affiliates: ~$20

Ebook: ~$40

(Somewhere the numbers got a little fudged, so these numbers are not perfect, but very close.)

Based on these numbers, it seems that my biggest earning potential right now is from Ebook sales. I’ve only been selling the book since December, but it represents a disproportionally large amount of blogging income. Amazon Affiliates is getting me nowhere, which is why I stopped focusing on it months ago. My blog doesn’t really lend itself to selling physical products.

I think I should focus on coming up with a better Google AdSense strategy; I have an ever-increasing number of visitors but my AdSense earnings are remaining the same. That will take a bit of research and tweaking to figure out. And maybe I will have enough visitors soon to start selling banner ad space at a fixed rate on the side of my blog.

What I will most likely do next is set up an affiliate program for my ebook so that other people can sell it for me, in exchange for a large chunk of the profit. If I put the selling in other peoples hands, the book can reach a much wider audience than I could reach on my own.

Happy anniversary everybody! Any suggestions for year 2?