How Blogging Helps You Learn

I started blogging 4 months ago expecting it to be a fun hobby and business but not really expecting to learn anything that wasn’t directly related to drawing traffic to my blog and making money. But just the other day I noticed changes in my thinking that I couldn’t attribute to anything in particular, until I realized that they came from blogging.

The first thing is a really cool development- I don’t care what people think of me. Its not something I’ve ever obsessed over, and generally in the past if someone didn’t particularly like me Id just attribute it to that person being a complete idiot that I didn’t like anyway. But it was always something on the back of my mind- the reason for dressing well, being polite, and changing the way I would talk about myself to different people to fit their own way of thinking. Last week I realized- I just don’t care. Its completely irrelevant if somebody doesn’t like me or doesn’t like something in particular that I’m doing.

The reason I suddenly think this way? I’ve put so many of my personal thoughts on this blog and gotten lots of positive feedback, and some negative. Without my noticing, it gave me even more motivation to stick to my guts and my way of life regardless of the people who think its silly. I’m not doing it for them. And I just don’t care if they think its silly. I’m not going to ever agree with their opinions anyway, so why should I bother to be bothered? And therefore, I am not.

I’ve also stopped focusing on the future so much. I’m working toward my goals so I know I will eventually get there, and my life has turned into a much more enjoy the ride kind of thing. Again, I’ve always been that way, but I used to plan out big future events to a T. Now, after blogging, I can see all the opportunities that will be open to me, and I have all kinds of ideas about what I want to do and where I want to go. But I haven’t researched all of them- I know that Ill get there eventually, and Ill just take the good opportunities as they arise.

The final thing I’ve learned is exactly what I’ve been trying to teach my readers. How to travel for free, let go of materialism, become a serial entrepreneur, and everything I’ve been writing about. My posts are based on experience and a lot of research, so everything I write about helps me organize all of the ideas and resources I’ve found into a useful little package. So not only are my posts helpful to you, but they are helpful to me, and I find myself going back to them often to find resources and ideas that I need for my future.

So if you’re on the fence about blogging, add personal learning to the pro column.