My New Apartment In Steamboat Springs, Colorado

I left for my new home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, on Thanksgiving morning. That’s right. There was no other possible move in day, so instead of eating delicious food with my family I got to sit on an airplane, ride a shuttle van, and stay alone in a hotel room in a place I’ve never been and don’t know anybody. But that is the price I pay for traveling.

The first night was pretty bad; the hotel room was nice, and I had expected to feel excited, but somehow I always forget that the first few nights in a new place are incredibly lonely. I was able to Skype my boyfriend and call my family, so I wasn’t completely isolated as I had been on my first night in Germany. But I still felt lonely and nervous.

The next day I checked into my apartment, expecting my roommates to arrive shortly after me; but I will be alone until Monday, when my first roommate of 3 arrives. I don’t know anything about her.

The good thing about being the first one to move in to my apartment is that I got my choice of beds- I will have to share a room- so I picked the better room and the better bed. I ran errands on my first day; I went food shopping and got supplies to make a fort around my bed. I had been trying to figure out the best and least expensive way to get it done, and I finally decided to use bedsheets, thumbtacks, and string. I think my fort turned out pretty well; I can open it during the day and close it completely at night for some privacy.

I also went to get my season pass at the mountain (free for employees), which I know I will be using all the time to ski, and I really want to learn how to snowboard! Now that I am living by the mountain, I wont feel like it is a waste of my time to spend a few days falling on my butt trying to learn a new sport. Ill be a pro by April!

The apartment is pretty nice, or nice enough at least. The kitchen has plenty of counter space to cook and weve got lots of TV channels, which is always good. The rent is very low and utilities are included, and I am right next to the bus stop. The busses run every 20 minutes and they are free. Yay!

Though I can walk to town or the store if I want since it is only a mile away; I havent walked to the mountain yet but I might try it today since (I think) it is much closer.

The first day I woke up in my new apartment I felt very lonely and nervous, but it helped to remember that not only did I feel lonely and nervous when I went to Germany and Hawaii (not so much Alabama, if I remember correctly) but I felt MUCH more lonely and nervous, and I was able to get over it and have a great time. I guess I just have to wait until training starts on Monday and I meet my first roommate. That should help a lot.

It also helps that I am in my favorite state, Colorado. Ive wanted to live here for years, and the dream has finally come true. I know that once I make friends here this will be a great experience, and just looking out my living room window on my first lonely morning helped to confirm that this will be a great 5 months.

So tomorrow I will be skiing and meeting my coworkers. Wish me luck! And friends.